Enth the End (Mike Shinoda Verse)

One thing I don’t know how

It doesn’t even matter when you look at it now


Because when I designed this rhyme I was scared of it all

Scared to fall, I hadn’t even tried to crawl

And I was forced to run, with you mocking me


Stopping me, back stabbing me constantly

Remembering all those times you fought with me

Watch the clock now chop full of hypocrisy

And now your mouth wishes it could inhale

Every single little thing you said and make it expel

Every single word you sputter just to get your piece, but it really doesn’t matter to me

Because from the start to the end no matter what I pretend

The journey is more important than the end or the start

And what it meant to me will eventually be

A memory of the time when I tried so hard

I tried so hard

And got so far

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter

I had to fall

To lose it all

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter

In the end~


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