4 Simple Fact That Makes WordPress Best CMS For Newbie

The first time you must be wondering what is the best CMS (Content management system) for you? All you’ve got on the internet are some problematic and unfriendly web application.

Okay, they are not bad, but all you want to do is writing some articles and photos. So, what’s the point of using a complex CMS? You will waste your time learning difficult instruction and fixing some error. Moreover, these kinds of CMS is kind of pricey.

Here’s the thing,

I know what the best and the most suitable CMS for a newbie like you. The best content management system for a beginner is WordPress. Well, you might often hear it from some advertising on YouTube or other media. The problem is, they forgot to tell you some of the pros and cons of using WordPress as your CMS for blogging.

So, to make sure you understand what could WordPress help you create a great blog post. Here are the facts why WordPress is The Best CMS for Newbie and how to take out the best of it to help you!

Plus 4 Tips on how to maximize your blog with WordPress!

#1 Hosted and Self-Hosted WordPress: Pros and Cons

There are two kinds of WordPress. The first one is a subdomain service that allows you to create a completely free blog within the primary domain, wordpress.com, itself.

Okay, it’s free, easy to use, and you can easily use theme or plugin to empowering your blog. However, You have to pay if you like to improve your site performance like adding some plugin like WordPress SEO and Jetpack or use a TLD domain name.

The second one is self-hosted WordPress, an application that you can download and install it into your web hosting. You can add your theme of choice or plugin you need to boost both of your writing and blog performance.

The cons of using self-hosted are slow loading website that caused by a heavy theme or plugin; this app is too big (+100 MB to 400 MB, if you often post pictures or videos) so if you only have a small plan web hosting, it would be a problem. So, we recommend you to use the hosted WordPress if you don’t have a big budget to afford a big web hosting plan.

#2 Easy Website Customization

Beauty website equal to heavy coding. That’s what people said.

But no worries, WordPress has many free and gorgeous theme. You can pick one of these themes and apply them to your website with one easy click!

Here are the tips you can use to choose your best WordPress theme :

    • Always add ‘responsive’ to the keyword you use when searching your theme
    • Pick the one with ‘SEO ready’ or another tag with SEO in it. That means the themeyou choose is an SEO friendly theme. So you don’t have to worry about adjustingyour SEO setting manually
    • Avoid theme with many large pictures in it. Okay, it’s beautiful, but it can slow yoursite down. People gonna hate it

#4 WordPress is a Very Popular CMS. You Can Find Much Help For Expert

WordPress is one of the most significant players in blogging dan web-based application. It means there are many problems solving resources and experts, that could help you maximize your blog potential and fix your blog’s mess.

You can access some blog like WPBeginner.com. This cool blog is rich with many tips and tricks to make your blog better. If you need to dig deeper into a problem, like editing a theme, adjusting configuration, etc., you can read WP Engineer or bavotasan.com.

If you need resources to discuss your problem, you can sign up and participate in the WordPress forum. Try to search for your question once you get there. If you got no hit, you can add a new thread and ask your question.


WordPress is a CMS platform that easy to use yet powerful and probably the best CMS for a newbie. You can start your blog easily by installing WordPress on your Webhosting control panel or sign up in WordPress.com for free. You can customize your blog with a beautiful theme and powerful plugin. You can use these functions efficiently in the WordPress dashboard. If you need help, you can join the WordPress Community forum and find an expert to help you fix your problem.





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